back web templates php for beginners :
  1. Rename your files. Filenames should not contain capital letters or spaces, and their length must be kept to a minimum. For Example, a file called: "3345.LLP photo of flowerpot 56.jpg" should be renamed to "flowerp_56.jpg".

  2. Resize you images. If you are using photographs, graphics or any other images on your website, it is important to resize it. Use an external graphic editing program to resize the image to the exact size needed for the site. The result of resizing it within the web-editing software, will be that the image being loaded, although appearing small, still contains all the data of the full size image and download speed is seriously compromised.

  3. Name your pages correctly. The "home page" of your site should be named one of the following: default.htm; index.html; index.php
    The rest of your page names, as with other files in point 1, should be kept to the shortest possible length with no capitals or spaces. For Example: contact.htm; help.php

  4. Refrain from using FrontPage Extensions. When using web-editing software, for example Microsoft FrontPage, refrain from using the built-in extensions such as page includes and bulky forms. As an alternative we recommend using PHP code to fulfill these functions. There are hundreds of sites on the internet where you can download PHP code examples free of charge.

  5. Use CSS. Incorporating Cascading Style Sheets in the layout of your website ensures compatibility across different platforms, and provides an easy layout formatting option, especially with to large sites.

  6. Test, test, test and then test again. Make sure your design features degrade gracefully in diverse web browsing environments and screen configurations.
    (ie. Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Netscape Navigator ext.) This should all be done locally before publishing your site. Run through the whole site again after uploading your site (publishing) onto a web server, to check if all the links are working and if all images load correctly.